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My First Experience on Norwegian Air

Denmark, Finally!


The flight to and from Denmark was a combination of fine and not so great.  I think that is how most airlines operate these days.  Norwegian Air is a new airline to me.  I went into buying the tickets knowing that this was a discounted airline.  I try to avoid these as much as possible as you get charged for breathing half the time, but this was the cheapest way to get to Denmark and that is where I wanted to be.

The flight to Europe was a red-eye as most budget flights tend to be. I can’t sleep on airplanes, so I knew it was going to be a rough night, but they do have an entertainment center which makes it somewhat better, though it is very limited unlike the larger carriers.  No problem, I ended up playing the Trivia game with other people on the flight along with putting together a few puzzles.  Yeah, I’m a nerd like that.

The seats are very narrow and cramped, especially for my travel pal who is 6’2.  Also, the seats are not the most comfortable and there are no complimentary pillows and blankets.  You will be paying extra for those.  Yes, you heard me right.  You have to pay for blankets.


I did pay for the Lowestfare+ so I could check in a bag without paying at the airport and this also included food on the flight.  Most people didn’t choose this option, but it was easier for me.  Look, we all know that airline food is not known for being good.  Well, that was the case here.  There were two options, beef and chicken.  No vegetarian.  When I travel, I prefer the vegetarian option, but I forgot to call ahead which was a big mistake and completely my issue not the airline's.

Because I only eat chicken and fish, I choose the chicken option.  What to say, what to say?  Well, the chicken was terrible!  It was not the choice part of the chicken, but rather some darker piece with fat and various “attachments.”  Completely inedible.  I pretty much ate the salad, rice and dessert which meant I starved.  Before the flight landed, we were given a breakfast sandwich which was 80% bread and a slice of ham and cheese.  I don’t eat pork, so that was given to my buddy.

The flight back was crowded.  For some reason, we were moved out of our original seats and put into the exit row.  It turns out in some sections of the plane, there are only masks for two people, not three, so we knew we would be the only two there.  The extra room was great, but in our other seats, it was only the two of us in a three seater.  I would have rather stayed in my old seat, but didn’t complain, it’s not my way.

The food was somewhat improved.  I ordered the chicken again cursing the fact that I didn’t order the vegetarian a few days prior to this flight.  It took me a few minutes to open the dish as I was haunted by the grisly chicken of flight past.  It was actually edible this time, though the “curry sauce” was a bit odd.  The breakfast sandwich (served at 8pm) was the same.  I don’t eat pork, so again, I was pretty hungry.  I travel enough to know to bring my own food, but sometimes, I am not the best planner.


The flight is long, and the seats uncomfortable, but I made it work.  My biggest issue was that the air was way too cold.  Seriously, everyone was freezing!  People had their coats, scarves and hats on.  I’m not sure if they were hoping to sell more blankets, but it was unbearable.  I don’t know who they were making the plane that cold for, but my teeth were chattering so sleep was not going to happen.

There were two other issues, but they are not the fault of Norwegian Air.  One was the teenager behind me who kept putting his smelly feet onto the arm of my chair.  Not resting it, full on stretching his feet into my seat so that I couldn’t put my arm on my own rest.   He also kept putting his feet on the back of my chair.  His parents failed him because if I pulled that crap as a kid, I would have been back handed.  Major parent fail.  Once confronted, it stopped, but I will not be invited to Christmas anytime soon.

So the question is, would I fly Norwegian again?  Most likely, no.  It wasn’t horrid, by any means, I just found it to be very lacking and find that I prefer the service of the major carriers instead.  But if you are okay with bare bones flying to save a buck, you should be okay with Norwegian as long as you go into buying a ticket expecting little.

The Pros: Very clean, cool windows that adjust to dark or light depending on your personal button choice, the price was right.

The Cons: Limited entertainment system, poor food (especially for an international flight), no complimentary blankets or pillows, only given water twice on a 8+ plus flight.  Charged for everything.  Not the most polite flight crew.

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Parks to Visit While in Quebec City

First Day Highlights!

Below are a few parks we stopped at while wandering on our first day. They both are very much recommended, though for different reasons.


The Battlefields Park

This is an important highlight when visiting Quebec City as it stands for the 1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham—a conflict between the French and British empires.

Here, you will find many relics from the time period including canons. For history buffs, this is a must! Even if history is not your thing, there are plenty of fantastic views to keep you occupied.

Jeanne d'Arc Garden


Jeanne d'Arc Garden is a unique rectangular garden with French and English influences located within the Plains of Abraham. The park is known to switch out flowers depending on the season. Also, during the Halloween season, there is a fun display put up for people to enjoy the seasonal festivity.

Even though it’s on the smaller size, I would recommend this garden as it’s a nice way to escape the more touristy sections of the city and just “be” for a while.


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Short Plane Ride With Beautiful Views

The trip begins! Sites from the plane and what to expect on the way to Quebec,


A quick jaunt is always good for the soul, especially if you live in a hectic city like I do! So a friend and I packed our carry ons and headed to the airport. I had heard a lot about Quebec City being the perfect getaway. The atmosphere is very European without having to leave North America. So time to dust off the French and bundle up, because unlike the NE part of the US, Quebec City can be chilly for much of the year.

The plane ride was very quick, maybe an hour and 15 minutes, but know that even though it is still North America, you will need to go through customs both ways if you are coming from the US, so it will take longer than trips within the US.

The planes are smaller, so you will feel cozy and will most likely have to check your bags in at the gate, which was fine for me. I dislike the fight for the aisle and bags when the plane land. Though the flight was mostly uneventful, the view before landing was incredible and so beautiful! If you are lucky to be sitting on the left side of the plane, you will be invited to a wonderful view of Parc de la Chute-Montmorency. Though my favorite views were the little islands near the mainland. Picture worthy for sure!

Once landed, it will take time for your gate checked bags to come out of the hold on the plane, but unlike JFK. customs is quick and painless. So we found an ATM on the second floor of the airport, grabbed some cash, hailed a cab (there is no public transportation), and headed to the heart of Quebec City!



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